favorite flower fairies

when i was a kid i spent a lot of time alone... for a little while there i had the fairyopolis book and just like dragonology, i got super into it and treated it like a legitimate research document. i even did the spin around and call for the fairies spell that was in the book... i think that i liked the idea of lots of invisible well meaning presences at a time when i was lonely and scared of people's intentions.

getting really into gardening again as an adult ive rediscovered some of the illustrations that were featured in the book, and it's felt extra significant

here are the ones i love the most, all sourced from this website of the artist's collected pieces!!

hover over each one for my glowing commentary, i hope you enjoy seeing them too!

cheeky blackberry.. this is also v close to what i looked like as a toddler clothes are understated cute and i love when it looks like they're teaching eachother tiptoeing....... and the colors are so sweet!! the colors!! also the pose feels so playful, and really reminds me of like. back when i could lay down like that without hurting my back lmao love love love the hat and bangs, the big round billowing shapes mirroring the cute leaves beautiful, im obsessed with how the use of green and flower placement lets the figure really shine angelic. she looks like she's praying ragwort- love the look of the skirt and hair in this one her poppy bud hat, and the mix of blooming and spent flowers the petals look so flowy and soft and i love the nurturing pose/gaze of the older fairy unexpected illustration of hands-on crafting activities, love the look of concentration traveler's joy- i love the graceful look of the older fairies esp paired with this kind of color scheme the profile is so precious! the bit of the flower makes for such a cute hat, the curious look in to the center of the flower yarrow- the colors of the dress and the flowers are so sweet... the surprisingly serious look too