dates in french republic//gregorian ~ started gardening september 2019 ~ USDA plant hardiness zone 10

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tridi 3 thermidor year of the republic CCXXVIII//20 july 2020

my first entry... i'll introduce my garden a bit first. i live in an apartment building in a city and garden in containers on a shared fire escape. i have a lot of plants and try to treat them the best i can despite the limited space. there's a beehive in a gap in the bricks of the apartment building and i put water out for them and try to grow plants that they can eat from, in the hopes that they will stay strong and healthy (and maybe help pollinate). i've started two compost piles in old cat litter buckets that i keep on the fire escape with them.

a tree has been growing in front of the fire escape that's cut the sunlight a bit, and it may be a jumping off point for something that eats my shoots, and even certain seeds. i've never seen them myself but it's possible that it's squirrels. still workshopping solutions for this but have started bagging developing fruit and vegetables and bringing in certain plants overnight, because that's when they do their nibbling. i had an earwig problem earlier this year because my nurturing mother's heart led me to overwater. a mix of oil traps, vaseline on the stems of susceptible plants and more restraint in watering has fixed the problem without the use of pesticides.

every time i learn something new about gardening, i feel like i still don't know anything! it feels a bit like everything grew faster when i didn't know what i was doing. but that may also be... related to the tree thing.